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Employment Opportunities in Rural Communities

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Rural VA
If you think big city lights shine brightest, then you've never seen the sun set over a country meadow or town square. There's simply no contest.

Many health care professionals have already discovered this best kept secret in health care: that VA rural practitioners get the same benefits shared by all Veterans Health Administration (VHA) providers. This includes top-flight facilities; flexible and generous time off; liability coverage; and incredible health, life, and retirement packages.

Plus they get a different flavor of benefits not as common in urban locations. Benefits such as:

  • A slower pace of life and less stress
  • A greater feeling of safety and security in the community
  • Less traffic and pollution
  • Lower housing costs
  • Getting closer to the great outdoors with outdoor recreational opportunities
  • And, commonly, an elevated status in the community

VA is dedicated to caring for all of our Nation's Veterans. That includes the millions who make their homes in rural areas following their service. In fact, the rural Veteran population accounts for 40 percent of all VA patients. And since nearly half of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans are from rural communities, this percentage is not likely to shrink.

This creates unique challenges when it comes to providing The Best Care. As part of President Obama's overarching efforts to revitalize rural America, and to build on our own dedication to providing the highest in quality care for our Nation's heroes, we are working toward increasing the numbers of physicians, nurses, and other health care providers in rural communities.

Consider a rural career at VA and step into the genteel lifestyle you crave. Click the regions below to explore rural opportunities VA has to offer.

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Health Professionals Scholarship Program

The intent of the program is to provide scholarships to individuals to fill hard to recruit positions at VA Medical Centers around the country. HPSP will provide tuition assistance, a monthly stipend, and other required education fees to over 100 students per year pursuing education leading to an appointment in a Title 38 or Hybrid Title 38 occupation. Program participants will also be obligated to a service agreement within VHA, reducing shortages in critical health care occupations. We project that scholarship applications will begin to be accepted by the Healthcare Retention and Recruitment Office (HRRO) after development of VA regulations, policy, and procedures. The selection of awardees will be merit based.

Please know that the scholarship program may be awarded to those who are already in the process of completing their degree. Please follow up with HRRO in January 2013 to receive further information regarding applying for the scholarship. If you have any questions please contact the Scholarship Team at or call the HRRO Scholarship Team at 1-504-565-4900.

Additional VA rural information.

Make a real difference in a rural area.
VA Careers Join Rural VA's Office of Rural Health (ORH) spearheads these initiatives, including:
  • Increasing awareness of the health care needs of rural Veterans
  • Ensuring quality care through increased access to health care facilities
  • Reducing the ratio of Veterans to health care providers by encouraging physicians and nurses to move to the country

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