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[ICON] HR Specialist Training and Accelerated Readiness
HR Specialist Training and Accelerated Readiness (HR STAR) Recent Graduates
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Information Technology
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[ICON] Stethoscope
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[ICON] Lightbulb
Mental Health Hiring Initiative
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[ICON] Military Transitioning
Transitioning Military Medics/Corpsmen
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Senior Leadership
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Careers by Location

Click on the VA marker to reveal a list of available positions along with contact information for the selected facility. Areas with multiple VA facilities are represented by a numbered bubble—click on these to zoom in on an area until additional VA markers become visible.

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Articles on VA Careers provide career advice, profiles, job announcements, and other important information focused on helping Veterans advance their career goals.

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Helping Veterans transition back home and into meaningful careers is a priority at VA.

We have benefits and incentives designed for your success. Get started in an engaging, new role that builds on your strengths and experience, and allows you to continue serving your country.

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Students and Trainees

At VA, learning is a constant endeavor—a frame of mind ingrained into our very culture.

That’s why we support our employees as they pursue higher education. Through partnerships with top colleges and universities, VA conducts the largest medical education and health professionals training program in the nation. We also help health professions trainees find positions that fit their skills and lifestyle, with personalized support that will advance their careers.

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Choose VA

VA offers Veterans a wealth of resources to improve their lives.

Visit ChooseVA to explore the wide range of benefits for which you may be eligible — from free health care, employment and education to compensation, housing and much more. ChooseVA and get started with your benefits.

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Support That Propels Your Passion

No matter how great your ambition, VA is there to support you and drive you beyond your best.