Transitioning Military

Transition Your Military Experience to a Civilian Career at VA

As a transitioning service member, you know what it means to be dedicated to a cause and have the drive to achieve results. The motivation and wealth of training, experience and background you’ve gained in service should be put to use, right away.

Your deep understanding of Veterans is unmatched by civilian professionals. Such shared experience—with both your fellow Veteran colleagues and our patient population—will allow you to excel both personally and professionally at VA.

VA is developing a dedicated pipeline specifically for separating health care professionals, so your health care skills can now be applied directly to a position as a civilian. From military physicians and nurses to mental health providers, medics, hospital corpsmen, health service technicians and para rescue specialists, you will find a wide array of VA health professions opportunities across the country that can put your professional training and skills to work helping your fellow Veterans.

VA Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) Program

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) Program is designed to hire former military corpsmen and medics into positions at VA Medical Centers as an integral part of the medical team.

An ICT’s scope of care permits maximum utilization of the skills, abilities and experience that former corpsmen, medical technicians and combat medics have acquired during active duty, guard and reserve service.

ICTs are located primarily in emergency departments; however, VA is now hiring ICTs in virtually every clinical setting that will benefit from ICT skillsets such as critical care in-patient, primary care, specialty care and surgical services.

For more information, please email the National Recruitment Center.

Apply for opportunities as an Intermediate Care Technician, nurse assistant or health technician today. ICT positions are advertised on the USA jobs website regularly.

The ICT program is a part of VA’s Transitioning Military Personnel initiative.

If you’re considering applying, here are some helpful resources to get you started:


Join our 4,000-strong law enforcement team and make a difference keeping Veterans and their families safe at VA medical facilities and sites around the country.

From police officers to detectives, VA law enforcement plays a critical role in ensuring that Veterans receive the care they deserve as safely as possible.

Did you know that 90% of VA police officers are Veterans? It’s true. As part of VA law enforcement, your new mission is steeped in service to the nation’s Veterans, making it a rewarding fit for those transitioning from the military.

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When you have a career with VA, you can:

  • Utilize your knowledge and skills gained from serving in uniform
  • Continue to provide care for those who have served
  • Enjoy anywhere from 13-26 days paid time off your first year depending on your profession
  • Buy back your military service time and apply it towards a civil service FERS pension
  • Participate in the federal 401(k) (Thrift Savings Plan) with up to 5% in VA contributions
  • Work at over 1,200 healthcare facilities covering all U.S. states and territories
  • Reduce financial stress by knowing you have a job waiting for you upon leaving the military
  • Enjoy an extensive bundle of VA benefits that are added to your military benefits
  • Work in a professional, supportive environment where our patients—and you—can thrive

A culture of support for Veterans

The sacrifice of Veterans everywhere is the force behind our freedom. That’s why VA is committed to supporting Veterans as they transition to their careers back home. If you are leaving the military or are already a Veteran or an active Reserve or National Guard member, we invite you to pursue your career at VA by searching and applying for an opportunity. Contact us at