Diversity at VA

VA is committed to hiring staff that reflects the diversity of America and ensuring that employees feel supported.

As we serve the most diverse group of Veterans in history, VA is committed to:

  • Hiring staff that reflects that diversity
  • Ensuring that employees feel supported
  • Providing equitable health care access

We have a longstanding commitment to hiring a culturally competent workforce and are working to develop a new mission, goals and objectives regarding diversity, inclusion, equity and access.

“To ensure a welcoming environment for Veterans, we must foster fair and inclusive VA workplaces where the experiences and perspectives of our diverse employees are valued,” said VA Secretary Denis McDonough.

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Male and female healthcare professionals wearing masks standing in operating room

Improving Access

We are united by a common mission — to serve those who have bravely served their country. But Veterans from underserved communities often encounter barriers to accessing health services, according to a 2019 Government Accountability Office report.

To help bridge that gap, it’s vital that patients from all backgrounds feel represented in their medical providers and confident that their unique health care needs are understood.

We are dedicated to providing quality care to all Veterans regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity — striving toward the goal of removing barriers to accessing VA health services.

“The success of our mission depends on everyone being able to contribute their expertise, experience, talents, ideas and perspectives. I commit to advancing equity in VA and providing all employees with opportunities to reach their full potential,” said McDonough.

Programs & Resources

An increased focus on hiring a diverse workforce will ensure that we maintain a welcoming, inclusive work environment and help all Veterans receive equitable health care.

Current programs and hiring initiatives include:

  • High school, college and trade school students can get a glimpse into a possible future with VA through our Pathways Internship Program. Participants gain hands-on work experience—and pay—while completing their education.
  • VA National Diversity Internship Program , which provides internships to diverse undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in degree—seeking programs
  • Workforce Recruitment Program , which connects federal and private sector employers nationwide with college students and recent graduates with disabilities
  • Office of Academic Affiliation health professions training and scholarship programs, which are designed to increase job opportunities at VA for racial and ethnic minorities

For more information, visit the Office of Resolution Management, Diversity & Inclusion (ORMDI) website.