Technical Career Field Training Program

The TCF Program/Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is a comprehensive training program designed to develop EEO specialists for Veterans Health Administration (VHA). This program provides the foundation for developing EEO trainees from entry level to full performance level through planned training, rotational assignments, and on-the-job work experiences.

Program Summary

The primary objective of this program is to develop a cadre of well-trained EEO Specialists for VA though a comprehensive curriculum that provides trainees with an in-depth training experience that includes both practical and didactic segments in all of the major EEO areas. While the program can be modified for local adaptation, a general framework of competencies has been developed to ensure that trainees receive uniform and consistent training.

Training Specifics

Through an environment that is conducive to learning, the EEO trainee will:

  • Develop knowledge of VA's Mission, Vision, and Goals, and how they impact the EEO Program.
  • Develop knowledge of the EEO/Affirmative Employment Office, Office of Resolution Management, and other components within VA that impact EEO.
  • Develop knowledge of principles and practices required in the EEO arena pertaining to developing an effective EEO Specialist (e.g., Special Emphasis Programs, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), EEO complaint process and reasonable accommodation, workplace harassment, including prevention of sexual harassment.
  • Obtain knowledge of the VA's administrative programs (e.g., human resource management, fiscal, etc.) that impact the EEO Program.
  • Review and apply EEO Federal regulations, VA Directives, and station policies.
  • Develop policies and procedures designed to further enhance the EEO Program and advise management officials of various EEO regulations.
  • Develop and implement educational programs, training, and marketing materials to inform management, supervisors, and employees of EEO and diversity components.
  • Provide technical guidance to management, supervisors, and employees concerning EEO.
  • Develop proficient written, oral communication, and listening skills.
  • Establish networks with a diverse group of individuals.
  • Conduct data analysis and make recommendations to further enhance equal employment opportunities.