Technical Career Field Training Program

The TCF Program/Finance training program offers opportunities to learn and develop as an accountant, budget analyst, and Decision Support System (DSS) professional in the financial community of Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Trainees are recruited locally each spring at colleges and universities to work at medical facilities and hospital network corporate offices for a period of two years.

Hospitals sponsoring training programs change annually, so contact the Program Manager to receive current information about the preceptors leading the program. Salary and excellent benefits are provided. Hiring begins in June.

What training programs are available?
  • Accounting

    Trainee graduates will be fully qualified VA accountants who can fill staff accountant positions in the VA financial community.

  • Budget Analyst (BA)

    Trainee graduates will have the knowledge and understanding of the functions of budget formulation and administration, and will possess familiarity with VA governing policies, procedures, and regulations.

  • Decision Support System (DSS)

    Graduates will be integral members of the team responsible for implementing all aspects of the facility managerial cost accounting system.

Program Summary

As a finance trainee, you will experience a wide range of hands-on fiscal activities in addition to the main subjects of accounting, budget analysis, and the Decision Support System, which is VA's managerial cost accounting system.

In addition to fiscal topics, you will have opportunities to work with medical and support services throughout the hospital, as well as participate on interdisciplinary work groups and committees that address ways to plan better services for Veterans of all ages and from all branches of service. You will also benefit from funds dedicated for travel and formal learning experiences to add to your professional skill sets and experience.

At the end of 15-18 months, you will consider job options at your training location or at other VA fiscal locations that need your technical competencies and skills. You will have attended the national TCF Trainee and Preceptor Conference, the bi-annual VA Fiscal Conference, and/or regional planning events to network with future colleagues and potential supervisors.

You will have also experienced operational, managerial, and strategic fiscal activities. As a VA Trainee, you will be trained, experienced, and tested for future positions in the finance community.

  • Establish effective working relationships
  • Practice communication and networking skills
  • Apply diplomacy and resourcefulness to daily assignments
  • Analyze and address complex systems and funding programs