Technical Career Field Training Program

The Technical Career Field (TCF) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program is an on-the-job training program intended to develop professionally competent employees to administer supply and material management functions for Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The trainee's growth and development for the two year period is overseen by a preceptor who is selected annually via an extensive application process.

Program Summary

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Technical Career Field (TCF) Program is a national workforce development program designed to replenish technical staff in critically identified positions.

The TCF SCM program currently consists of the 2010 series.

  • GS 2010 Inventory Management (IM) Specialist
    • Hired at the GS 5 or GS 7 level, target GS-9

Inventory Management (IM) Trainees are offered focused education/training that is nationally funded to include salary/benefits and training and travel ceilings.  Successful trainees may be non-competitively placed at completion of the program. Upon completion of the two year training program, TCF SCM trainees will be fully functional Inventory Management Specialists who are trained, well rounded, and tested in the VA supply chain management / logistics community. Future classes / slots for the TCF SCM Program are determined annually based on VHA succession needs and budget.

Training Specifics

In the 2010 series, IM trainees will learn analytical work in managing, regulating, coordinating, and exercising control over supplies, equipment, and other material. They will study phases of material management including initial planning, provisioning and requirements determination, acquisition and distribution, accountability, and ultimate issue for consumption, retention, or disposal. The trainee will obtain knowledge of acquisition processes, automated records and control systems, material substitution criteria, and storage, issue, and disposal processes.