Technical Career Field Training Program

Health informatics is the interdisciplinary field concerned with the design, development, adoption, and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare delivery, management, and planning. The VA Office of Health Informatics (OHI) Technical Career Field (TCF) Training Program is designed to develop the informatics and analytics knowledge, skills, and abilities of those entering the health informatics field. Our goal is that upon completion of the two-year training program, trainees will continue their careers as valuable members of the VA workforce.

Program Summary

There is a critical need for a workforce skilled in health informatics and data analysis that can help develop, deploy and utilize health information technology to improve care delivery in VA. As this field is rapidly evolving, the types of roles are as well, and may include a wide range of activities such as data analysis, workflow analysis and process re-design, clinical application deployment, and end-user training.

During the two-year mentorship program, trainees will be placed on an individualized development plan that consists of a variety of on the job training experiences and continuing education activities designed to enhance your skill sets and provide exposure to valuable operational activities.

At the successful completion of the training program, trainees are converted to permanent positions in VA medical facilities.

Training Specifics

Training is conducted via a variety of methods (i.e., on-the-job training, online courses, webinars, conference calls, job shadowing, etc.). Trainees have the opportunity to attend national conferences as well as network with other program participants as a way to begin to build your professional networks.