Technical Career Field Training Program
Volunteer Management

VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) is responsible for the strategic integration of volunteers and community stakeholders to support key committees and initiatives. The VAVS Program was established in 1946 and is one of the largest volunteer programs in the Federal Government. The program is supported by a VAVS National Advisory Committee, comprised of over 50 major Veteran, civic, and service organizations.

Through professional management, VAVS provides programs and services to supplement Veteran health care. VAVS staff is responsible for coordinating volunteers and community organizations, managing the gifts and donations program, and identifying community resources to support Veterans and their families through supplemental services.

Program Summary

VAVS is a very exciting and rewarding career. The work is extremely diverse, fast-paced, and provides an opportunity for interacting with people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Trainees must have a high degree of flexibility, organizational and interpersonal skills for optimal success. If you are up for a new challenge every day and feel you possess ‎leadership potential, the TCF VAVS Program may be the career opportunity for you.

Trainees should understand that a career in VAVS involves program responsibilities that may require working outside of a normal tour of duty, including evenings, weekends, or holidays.

The VAVS Specialist TCF program is an upward mobility training program established to develop professional, competent leaders to fill future vacancies in the VAVS career field. All trainees must meet the appropriate minimum qualification standards for Voluntary Service Specialist, GS-301-5 or 7, target GS-9.

Training Specifics

The training program will expose the trainee to the full range of programs associated with volunteer management and community engagement.  The position provides opportunities to learn all aspects of development, coordination and management of the Voluntary Service programs that will prepare the trainee for future positions of greater responsibility.  Training is provided under the supervision of a preceptor.  During the program, trainees can be promoted to a higher grade level when administrative and qualification requirements are met.

If you are selected as a VAVS TCF program trainee, you will use and develop a wide range of skills, which include: 

  • Volunteer Program Management
  • Planning and executing a variety of complex special events, ceremonies, and programs
  • Public Speaking
  • Facilitating Strategic Partnerships
  • Creative Thinking
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Managing Gifts and Donations
  • Working closely with diverse groups of people at all levels of the organization and in the community
  • Administering Timekeeping activities to include: running reports, analyzing the volunteer trends, and reporting findings to the Voluntary Service Manager